Friday, October 10, 2014

Want To Form A Latino Book Club? Five Tips To Get You Started

While Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the richness of Latino culture, forming a Latino book club is one way to recognize it year-round.

With a new report from Publishers Weekly showing that only three percent of the publishing industry is Hispanic, book clubs that are focused on Latino authors or literature fill a vital niche. Here are five tips for starting your own Latino book club:

1. Take advantage of existing resources

Las Comadres & Friends is a national Latino book club, with affiliates in nearly twenty cities. They offer a manual for meetings, tele-conferences with authors, and an annual writing conference. Las Comadres is a non-profit organization, and membership is free. In addition, there are online resources for forming a book club, and many public libraries offer their own clubs. Oprah Winfrey’s website and publishing companies such as Random House, Penguin, and Hachette, also offer reading guides and advice for book clubs.

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