Monday, September 14, 2015

7 secrets of highly diverse companies

Diversity (or lack thereof) in the IT industry is big news, and companies like Intel, Facebook, Google and Twitter are announcing they'll make greater effort to attract, hire and retain candidates from underrepresented groups, as well as publicly monitoring and tracking their results. But it seems some companies' initiatives are more successful than others. So, what makes some firms so good at improving diversity?

There's plenty of recruiting software solutions aimed at helping companies attract and hire a more diverse workforce; one such option is Entelo and its Entelo Diversity solution. Entelo Diversity works in conjunction with a company's existing suite of recruiting and hiring tools, which leverage big data, analytics and social media data to screen and source candidates. "Entelo Diversity is a Web crawler that uses a proprietary algorithm to aggregate profiles from publicly available information," says Entelo CEO Jon Bischke. Its solution uses what's already indexed to create a more in-depth profile of a candidate, and then look at certain data points that could signal whether candidates are male, female, black, Hispanic or a veteran. For example, is the candidate a member of the NAACP? That could signal they're African-American. Or, if the candidate was a member of a sorority during her college years, the assumption it's a female.

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